Letters to the church I love…

God is good…

Dear CTK, God is good. His faithfulness endures forever.  The psalms repeat these phrases over and over and we have access to experience these timeless truths in our own lives and the life of our church. Sometimes, however, we fail to see his goodness and faithfulness through our own pain and unmet expectations.  I recentlyContinue reading “God is good…”

Show up!

This coming Sunday (June 7th) we get to come back together inside our building to worship in person. This past weekend, a group of us came to clean, sanitize and set up the church–it’s good to go. I want to invite you to show up on Sunday. Obviously, if you’re not feeling well or mightContinue reading “Show up!”

Three Things…

Dear CTK, It would appear we are coming to the beginning of the end of the coronavirus era (not that any of us really knows the future). In a week and a half we will have our first Sunday meeting together after about 13 weeks of online worship and isolation. Even with the social distancingContinue reading “Three Things…”

Intimacy and Proximity

Dear CTK, April 16, 2020 Confession: there has been an unexpected sense of intimacy for me in the “new norm” of live streaming and video chatting communication.  For the last four Sundays we have done church online. I desperately wish I could see you all. I miss handshakes and hugs. Carlyn is the only personContinue reading “Intimacy and Proximity”

Good Friday.

Dear CTK Nampa Family, Today is Good Friday, the day we reflect on Jesus’ crucifixion in anticipation of his resurrection on Sunday. Years ago, I went to the movie theater and watched the movie, “The Passion of the Christ”. Growing up as a missionary kid and in church, I had seen several film depictions ofContinue reading “Good Friday.”

Easter Week

Dear Church, This is Easter week! This past Sunday we looked at Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem for the last time before his death. Jesus wept over Jerusalem. He was distraught by the reality that God’s chosen people had failed to recognize their Messiah. He grieved the fact that they could not accept a suffering servantContinue reading “Easter Week”


March 30, 2020 A week ago I was feeling pretty discouraged, if I’m honest. This pandemic business is a whole different animal. As a pastor, I get to do a lot of listening and engaging people who are hurting. Something I have to keep tabs on is my own emotional reserves as I try toContinue reading “Blessings.”

Blame it on COVID-19

I’m putting together these letters and writing during the great pandemic of 2020. Just yesterday I was on a video conference call with the mayor and a bunch of other pastors in town. The topic was churches and the virus, of course, and a missionary from Mission Aviation Fellowship was telling us about the addedContinue reading “Blame it on COVID-19”

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