Show up!

This coming Sunday (June 7th) we get to come back together inside our building to worship in person. This past weekend, a group of us came to clean, sanitize and set up the church–it’s good to go.

I want to invite you to show up on Sunday. Obviously, if you’re not feeling well or might be especially vulnerable to getting sick, you might want to hold off for a while longer before joining us (we’ll still be live online). On the other hand, if you’re ready and able to get together we’ll see you there!

Show up. 

Showing up can mean simply being there at the right time in the right place. Showing up, however, has a deeper meaning: being fully present in the moment with those who are in need. When you are feeling beat up or losing hope, you count yourself lucky if you have a friend that will show up for you in your pain. Often people who mean well will show up physically, but are not willing to truly listen and  end up trying to fix your problems or tell you how to solve them. 

A friend who is fully present with you is there to listen. They want to hear your pain, sit with you in it and walk with you wherever it leads. A true friend is ready to engage with you no matter what your circumstance or state of mind. You don’t have to have it all together or have things figured out–you just get to be yourself. You are safe to be vulnerable because a true friend loves us more in our brokenness, not less.

Are you willing to show up this Sunday? 

After so long apart, I feel a new sense of urgency about making use of every possible moment that we are together. My tolerance for shallow answers to deep questions and easy fixes to complex issues has evaporated over the last couple months. It is time for us to come together and love each other the way Jesus taught us–with humility, grace and self-sacrifice. It’s time for us to make the main thing the main thing and deal with the rest when we get to it. 

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: we will be pursuing three values as a church family as we continue to come “Together as one. For every one.”

  1. Redemptive relationships: we will dive deeper into relationships that move beyond friendly and accepting into spiritual growth and healing.
  1. Kingdom work: we will pour as much resource (time, talent and treasure) as possible into our local, national and global mission.
  1. Fiscal transparency: we will communicate clear goals for how we invest in God’s Kingdom and evaluate our success and growth–as a body.

As your pastor, I want to do everything I can to show up with you and for you. I hope you will also commit to giving yourself over to the call God has given us at CTK Community Church to hear, respond and share Jesus with each other and the world around us.



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