Three Things…

Dear CTK,

It would appear we are coming to the beginning of the end of the coronavirus era (not that any of us really knows the future). In a week and a half we will have our first Sunday meeting together after about 13 weeks of online worship and isolation. Even with the social distancing and sanitizing I am extremely excited to see you in person.

Over the last few months, I’ve been as busy as ever–a different kind of busy, of course. I’ve also had time to take long looks at myself and our church. I think I have come away from this with a new and refreshed sense of what God is asking of me as a leader as well as the CTK church family.

We are all familiar with our vision as a church: Together as one. For every one.

As I’ve been striving to listen to God and discern his direction, three things have surfaced for me that I believe are meant to become the means to which we are able to accomplish this vision moving forward. Here you go:

1. God has established and will continue to solidify us as a church characterized by redemptive relationships. 

  • Relationships are crucial to spiritual growth which is more real to us now than ever before. Redemptive relationships are the result of purposefully living together in grace and intimacy–inside and outside the church.
  • We have made great strides toward this in the last couple years and we are poised to drive deeper into what it means to be a relational church family. 

2. It is time for us to be purposeful about investing resources into Christ’s kingdom locally, nationally and globally. 

  • Resources don’t always mean money. Even so, we have come to the point where we need to prioritize our finances in a way that allows us to invest in ministry outside our church.
  • For quite some time, I have been frustrated and uncomfortable with the fact that the vast majority of our funds go directly into paying bills and trying to sustain a building. This reality, of course, is ultimately my responsibility which means I really have no one else to blame!
  • There are a million ways for us to invest in ministering to the least, last and lost of our local community. We can and are obligated to contribute to the people who are working to advance the Kingdom in our country as well as lifting up our brothers and sisters around the world who are working to bring the gospel to “all nations”. 

3. We have an opportunity to grow as a fiscally responsible and transparent church body.

  • We can no longer afford (pun intended) to live beyond our means. We have never been frivolous or irresponsible in how we manage our money. In fact, over the last 18-20 months, we have drastically reduced spending and our giving has actually increased during the pandemic. All the same, we have a chance to reprioritize and reallocate funds to reflect our vision and values.
  • Fiscal transparency can be somewhat complex, however, it is important that everyone who is a dedicated member of our church family be able to understand and be confident in how our resources are helping accomplish our vision.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. We will talk more in the months to come, but this is a taste of where we are headed. As we come back together in public worship, we will work together to see our vision–Together as one. For every one.–realized as we lift up and grow in these three values. 

It is energizing to me to have tangible values we can pursue to see our church family continue to grow as an impactful component in the larger body of Christ. It is encouraging to be able to establish measurable goals under a clear vision and mission. Most of all I am inspired by the idea of walking together with you in living out the grace, hope and forgiveness that can set people free to know Jesus and discover their purpose in the joy of right relationships with God and each other.

May we be a blessing to the world around us as we lean into our calling to be Christ the King Community Church in the Treasure Valley!



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